Dust reduction is a big problem for these environments affecting productivity and the safety of workers. The patented dust suppression hopper is designed to minimise dust and has proven environmental, health and safety benefits for staff wellbeing too.

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Refined and Robust Control

The dust suppression hopper is simply installed as a loading spout under a feed point. It’s suspended above the target area to reduce dust while transferring dry, granular, free flowing materials. Designed for the loading of ships, trucks, trains, silos and storage containers or bags; it effectively reduces dust hazards, health risks, wastage, cleaning and maintenance. Due to the dust being held within the main material column it also increases the overall storage capacity & saleable material yield. The standard version of the dust suppression hopper requires no power at all, has no internal moving parts and when you need to manage the load-out of a range of different materials from the same conveying system, the more advanced positional feed control model is available. This dust control model includes a built in computerised control to manage the discharge rate for products with different specific gravities. The combination of the surface tension, compression of the material and the vortex generated from the drop means dust is trapped inside the column regardless of the height of the fall leaving a tidy flow that concentrates the output.


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This dust reduction hopper has safety, environmental and commercial benefits making it the natural choice over other systems.

Safety & Environmental benefits

  • Improves location air quality
  • Staff health and safety improvement
  • Minimises dust explosion risk
  • Reduces air pollution making it suitable for urban use
  • Improved site visibility during loading


Commercial benefits

  • More cost effective than alternatives
  • Easy to install with limited production downtime
  • Standard DSH model requires no utilities
  • Minimised dust disposal due to its containment
  • Reduced maintenance & cleaning requirements
  • Reduced storage & operating costs
  • Increased material yield in loading process
  • Reduced material loss during DSH operation


Whatever you need to load, from highly abrasive sand & gravel, to warm materials, cereals and food grade, the Dust Suppression Hopper can be specified in a suitable construction for the process material. Hoppers are manufactured and supplied in

  • Polyethylene
  • Corten steel
  • Hardox steel
  • Stainless steel


Best materials to use

Best materials to use with the dust suppression hopper

Originally designed to reduce dust when handling fertilisers, the loading spout is as effective on most free-flowing granular materials and has proven success for:
  • Cereals
  • Pellets
  • Pet foods
  • Limes
  • Sugar
  • Gravel
  • Salt
  • Minerals
  • Sand
  • Chemical powders

Click here to see if your Dry Goods have been trialled so far. If your product is not on this list please contact us and we can arrange to trial it for you.

Uses and applications

The dust suppression hopper offers endless opportunities for various applications across multiple markets including:


For transitional loading to carriers, shipping containers and other associated means of goods transportation

  • Ship loading
  • Train loading
  • Truck loading
  • Stockpiling
  • Silo loading
  • Bulk store loading


For grain storage facilities like Cooperatives, Maltings, Breweries, Distilling and Milling

  • Silo loading
  • Bulk store loading
  • Truck loading
  • Container loading


For processing facilities such as quarries, mines, glass works, and chemical plants

  • Stock piling
  • Truck loading
  • Train loading
  • Bulk store loading

If you have a processing application in these or in other industries not listed, please give us a call and we can arrange a visit to discussion your application.

Product sizes and models

Manufactured by DSH Systems Limited the Dust Suppression Hopper is available in 10 hopper sizes. Your selection is dependent on your load material, its bulk density and flow rate.

We also have a demonstration unit and can make test units available.

* Steel only

* Project specific, please contact us for more information

Models Height (MM) Width (MM) Length (MM) Opening Hole Mt/hr @ 750kgs/m3
Demo* 570 310 310 ** **
Mini 915 600 600 138 - 200 40 - 85
DSH1 1126 980 980 233 - 300 115 - 190
DSH2 1350 1140 1140 255 - 320 140 - 220
DSH3 1450 1140 1140 330 - 400 220 - 550
DSH4 1515 1410 1140 400 - 500 350 - 550
DSH5 1550 1485 1485 500 - 600 550 - 750
DSH6 ** ** ** 600 - 700 750 - 1050
DSH7 ** ** ** 700 - 800 1050 - 1385
DSH8 ** ** ** 800 - 900 1380 - 1700
DSH9 ** ** ** 900 - 1000 1700 - 2000
The above load-out rates are guidelines only. The hoppers can be configured to suit your requirements depending on the specific gravities of the product being loaded.

You can specify the construction material of each dust control product to suit your requirements. These hoppers are produced in Polyethylene rotational moulded hoppers which cover most applications. They can also be constructed in Steel. 304 stainless steel hoppers can be used for warm or abrasive products or 316 stainless steel hoppers for food grade and corrosive situations. Steel examples are Electro Galvanised, Mild Steel, Corten and Hardox.

The Dust Suppression Hoppers are produced in two models that can be any size or construction material. The standard model requires no utilities and has no internal moving parts. The position feed control model has a computerised discharge rate control system for products with different specific gravities; thus allowing the load-out of various materials on the same conveyor system. All DSH System Ltd models can be configured for position feed control configuration.

In summary

The Dust Suppression Hopper offers you less waste and maintenance with low operating costs. It’s easy to install in a variety of sizes to meet your capacity and material needs and increases your product yield through concentrating and minimising dust. All this for a moderate investment giving you an excellent return.

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T H WHITE Projects is the authorised agent to supply the Dust Suppression Hoppers in England and Wales. We are happy to analyse your requirements and your existing loading facilities to provide the best dust reduction solution for your environment as either an independent product or part of a processing and storage solution. We are also able to customize solutions to bespoke requirements such as steel or fabric filter covers, dust socks (with or without covers) and custom-made springs and frames.

As part of the quote, please ensure you provide us with your:
Process Application
Material and its bulk density
Process operating capacity

Unique Features

  • Patented
  • Easy to install
  • No internal moving parts or power supply
  • Variety of sizes to suit unique requirements
  • Less waste
  • Less maintenance
  • Minimal investment

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