Service & Maintenance

We don’t just design and install.

We are on hand to look after your grain storage, grain processing or steel fabrication project for its lifetime.

Our dedicated team of mechanical and electrical servicing experts, specialising in the field of grain storage, are on hand and on demand for regular health checks and services to ensure you’re getting the absolute best out of your project.

To ensure your plant is ready for harvest, we offer the following services to ensure you’re ready for operation:

Pre-Harvest Check & Inspection

Breakdown & Harvest Service

Post Harvest Inspection & Repair

Plant Upgrades & Replacement

T H WHITE Projects services include:

  • Free Estimates
  • Free Advice
  • Service Contracts
  • Health Check
  • Spare Parts Sourcing
  • Detailed Report
  • Maintenance Plans

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Our relationship with you doesn’t have to end once your grain storage or grain processing project is built and running. We don’t just design, engineer and install; we are here to look after your installation for its lifetime.

We offer both service contracts and on-demand call outs to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum, or even avoided completely.

Our dedicated team of service and maintenance experts and electrical servicing experts are on hand and on demand for regular health checks and services to ensure you’re getting the absolute best out of your grain storage, grain processing or steel fabrication project.

Our service and maintenance expertise includes:

  • Planned maintenance
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Breakdown and emergency call-outs
  • Wear resistant ducting
  • Spare parts

While we do provide an on demand maintenance service, it can be expensive when small fixings such as bearings and gear boxes are required.

Regular, scheduled servicing of your grain silo will significantly reduce the need for downtime when faults occur, and even prevent the faults from happening in the first place. To ensure your grain silo plant is fully operational all year round, and to minimise downtime, a service contract is a worthwhile investment.

A service can be either an annual or twice yearly check to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the equipment. When further maintenance is required, we can provide that too.

Our services continue long after the initial purchase. While we recommend you explore our options for contract servicing and repairs if you don't have a contract we can still help you out and simply charge labour and parts rates for these repairs.

Typical on demand call outs could be expensive for small fixes, which would be maintained as standard within a contract. This is important to consider, especially in high operating periods such as the harvest where failures are more likely to happen.

We can also provide an on-demand maintenance service for plant and equipment we didn't design or install.

We have been upgrading and refurbishing various types of agricultural and commercial constructions and equipment for over 50 years. Suffice to say, we know what we're doing.

With industry-expertise right across the team, we have the experience to manage almost any challenge you encounter. With the ability to source any parts required, we will have all of your upgrading and servicing needs covered.

Our service and maintenance packages are just as versatile as the rest of our services, and can be tailored according to you and your project's needs.

What's important to remember is we can provide service and maintenance to any grain handling or grain storage project, regardless of whether we've had any previous involvement with it in the past.

While it's always recommended you take out a service and maintenance contract to reduce costs and ensure year-round reliability for your plant and equipment, we do provide an on demand service as and when you need it.

We have a team of specialists on hand. If you need on demand maintenance: make an enquiry, tell us what's wrong and book in a time. If, however, you'd prefer to guard against unpredictable costs, you can make an enquiry about a contract which we can tailor to your needs.

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