North Hill Farms Ltd – Completed for Harvest

North Hill Farms Ltd, part of the Wilton Estate, is located between the valleys of the Nadder and Wylye Rivers. Because of recent investment, the landscape near to Grovely Wood now boasts a new 2,500 tonne capacity grain store at the Folly Farm site.

The new storage facility has an olive green clad building with a floor area of 48 x 28m, including a central dividing wall with two hardwood drying floor areas on one side and a large storage area for dry grain on the other.

Access to the store is via four tall roller shutter doors at the front and via the fan housing at the rear. This also provides the opportunity to walk along the top of the air duct and drying floor arrangement to view the stored materials and the associated stirrer unit in operation.

Scope of Work

Design and contract management of a new 2,500 tonne grain storage facility. This covers the mechanical and electrical content through to the commissioning and customer handover. There was close interface at the early stages with the civil engineering and building contractor.

Benefit of Investment

North Hill Farms Ltd presently operate a simple three course crop rotation split in equal parts between oilseed rape, winter wheat and both winter and spring barley.

Estate investment in machinery, crop husbandry and technology has been significant in recent years, thus enabling the business to meet its production targets and compete in a volatile world marketplace.

ile world market place.


  • This second T H White Project and latest facility significantly boosts our grain storage and drying capacity, which allows Folly Farm to function with improved effectiveness and efficiency in its day to day operation. It’s a very good solution for us and meets the expected design requirements. We would therefore be very pleased to work with T H White Projects again on any such installation.

    Tim Goodman, Farms Manager

  • This was an excellent project to be involved with and we very much enjoyed working with North Hill Farms in its design and construction of the Folly Farm facility. We can see how the solution complements their operation, as it will for years to come.

    David Huband, Project Engineer

    In summary

    Working closely with the customer is very much a partnership approach to fully understand his thoughts and aspirations during the early stages of the project conception. Planning makes all the difference. When the project then proceeds, it ensures a smooth programme of works through to completion and customer handover.”

    Andrew Workman – Head of Business Development

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