New advanced processing centre for Camgrain

Camgrain are the UK’s largest farmer-owned cooperative, established in 1983. Their overriding ambition is to be ‘well-managed, well-informed and well connected’.

Currently, they are the UK’s only farmer-owned network of coordinated advanced processing centre (APC) stores. To meet the needs of their nationwide success, a new breed of cooperative grain store was required.

To meet this requirement, T H White Projects assisted in the development, planning and construction of Camgrain’s flagship APC at Balsham, along with the other APCs at Linton, Kettering and Stratford.

Now fully operational, and specialising in food grade wheat, it can provide even more added value to the supply chain, future-proofing the company against increasing grain supply demands.

Key Advantages of APC Network

  • Potential to professionally supply to the UK food industry with the markets driven increasingly by food hygiene requirements
  • Allow UK farmers to be in control of the supply chain, rather than through large international agri-businesses
  • Potential to control logistics and recover efficiencies to farmer members as well as providing better service to the UK food industry
  • Make the UK food industry more competitive within Europe, increase exports and reduce imports, open markets to guarantee English wheat supply


Storage in both silo and on-floor bunker format


Combined tipping capacity


  • 190,000t of storage in both silo and on-floor bunker format
  • A combined tipping capacity across the five pit intakes of more than 1,500 tonnes per hour
  • Capabilities supported by multiple continuous flow dryers, pre-cleaners and fine cleaners, as well as a dedicated wheat cleaning room that provides direct store-to-mill opportunities


Camgrain Stores Limited,
London Road,
Balsham ,
CB21 4HH


  • Since the establishment of Camgrain in 1983, T H WHITE Installation Ltd has been our partner of choice. Professional, on budget, on time projects, every time.

    Philip Darke, Managing Director

  • We’re really proud of our project work with Camgrain. By working closely together with Philip Darke and his team we could fully understand their storage and processing requirements and in many cases, find bespoke solutions that help make their objectives a reality.

    Alex Park, Key Account Project Manager

    In summary

    T H White’s unique end-to-end support levels allowed them to help Camgrain acquire the right planning permission levels for their project. To do this, T H White worked as an integrated unit with Camgrain engineering and product teams. The teams continue to interact and optimise on the APC’s successes to help meet and achieve Camgrain’s evolving project KPIs.

    Andrew WorkmanHead of Business Development

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