Cobham Farms – Completed for Harvest

Cobham Farms are situated close to Salisbury in Wiltshire and are now reaping the benefit of their latest investment in a new 2500 tonne capacity grain store set back into the excavated hillside location at the end of the approach road.

Following completion of the groundworks to prepare the levels, the olive green clad, steel framed building has now been erected complete with an internal combination timber drying floor covering 50 percent of the available storage area.

The building has a specially designed elevated fan house at the rear to feed the lower level air duct and associated drying floor whilst to the front face of the store there are four tall green coloured roller shutter doors acting as the main entrance doorways for the facilities operation.


Benefit of investment

  • Increased on Farm storage
  • Confidence of crop drying utilisation
  • Quality management of stored material
  • Capacity to meet production targets
  • Improved farm operation
  • Business efficiency gains


  • Working together with T H WHITE Projects on the new Grain Store has been very productive and the results of their collective efforts can be seen in the quality of our investment & operation now on site at Cobham Farms.” “We would certainly involve T H WHITE Projects in any future developments or recommend to other interested parties.

    Marcus Light, Farm Contractor

  • It has been very rewarding in working closely with our customer and the other associated contractors in the design and construction of his new 2500 tonne Grain Store which already looks part of the landscape in some beautiful surrounding countryside.

    David Huband, Project Engineer

    In summary

    “This was a typical T H WHITE Project from the Farm & Estate team with a close customer liaison in understanding the client’s aspirations and requirements for an operational grain store of this size, all the way through right from the planning to completion and handover.”   

    Andrew Workman – Head of Business Development

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