4th November 2016

Two leading UK organisations in the fields of quality malt production and cereal storage respectively have combined to form a joint venture based at Great Ryburgh, Norfolk.

Crisp Malting Group and Fengrain Ltd have joined forces to successfully construct 10,000 tonnes of additional malting barley storage at Crisp Malting process plant located in Great Ryburgh under the design and management of T H WHITE Projects. 

The new facility comprises four 17m diameter, flat bottomed, corrugated steel silos, each with a holding capacity of 2,500 tonnes of malting barley. Each silo has its own temperature monitoring and aeration system to ensure quality control under storage conditions, whilst the silos are fed and discharged via new chain conveyors operating at 30 tph.

Much civil engineering was required as the location for the store was sited on made-up ground, necessitating 321 piles driven to a depth of 24m to achieve stable footings. The additional storage control equipment has been integrated into Crisp’s existing on-site automated control systems, and can be fed via existing intakes and bulk materials handling machinery. However, as part of the project the new installation has been designed with its own intake and bulk out-loading facilities rated at 60tph, providing additional operational flexibility on site.

Work on the installation began in early January 2016 and was due for completion at the end of October. It will form a key part of the day to day operations at Great Ryburgh.

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