Quayside Development for Angus Cereals in Montrose

Angus Cereals is a farmer-owned, professionally managed cooperative, run for the benefit of its members to add value to their businesses.

This plant was a two-phase quayside development for Angus Cereals for the Port of Montrose on the east coast of Scotland. In recent years, the port has undergone considerable expansion, largely to serve the offshore oil industry. This sheltered haven at the mouth of the River Esk has excellent road and rail links in all directions, which made it the perfect choice for Angus Cereals for its grain facility.

As a quayside store owned by a farmer membership, Angus Cereals is another step forward as a strategically important store to capture value in the supply chain. As T H WHITE has a long history in the design and construction of large-scale grain handling and storage facilities, they were the obvious choice for this two-phase development.


Scope of Work

The overall project encompassed two phases.


The first provided a total storage capacity of 26,000 tonnes across five bunker stores. This included two 200 tph intakes and three high capacity mains gas-fired driers along with the construction of three 720-tonne holding silos.


The second phase added a further 14,400 tonnes of storage capacity, with another 720-tonne holding silo and an additional 150-tonne bulk loading silo.

Advantage to Angus Cereals

  • Cooperating to create efficiency and market strength
  • Delivering higher levels of service to all stakeholders
  • A central store handling all commodities
  • Cash flow management
  • Central storage is 100% tax efficient
  • 100%

    Central Storage tax efficient


    Total storage capacity

    • Phase 1 storage capacity 26,000 tonnes
    • Phase 2 storage capacity 14,400 tonnes
    • Total storage capacity of 40,400 tonnes
    • Five bunker stores
    • Two 200tph intakes
    • Three high capacity mains gas-fired driers
    • Four 720-tonne holding silos
    • A 150-tonne bulk loading silo


    Angus Cereals,

    South Quay,



    DD10 9SL.


    • T H WHITE Projects got Angus Cereals into operation on a tight time frame with an impressive building and grain drying facility. Since 2012, we have used no other installer.

      Edward Russell, Director

    • This superb new facility is a tribute to the vision and commitment of the farmer-owned cooperative in Angus who have made this happen. With ambitious plans to supply both domestic and export markets, this joint initiative is bringing quality Scottish grain to continental markets. The plant’s strategic location will give farmers across the region the opportunity to access potentially lucrative new markets beyond Scotland, which can provide a real boost for the local economy. Giving producers a stake in the company helps drive down costs add value, and improve returns for all involved.

      Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment

      In summary

      T H WHITE’s depth of experience and foresight has been very important in the project design philosophy. This enabled Angus Cereals to build this project in phases, with provisions made for the next phase each time. As the port grows, phase three’s expansion is already benefitting from phase two’s provisions. This is only possible with a complete, 360 degree service – something T H WHITE can provide with ease over a project spanning several decades.

      Andrew Workman – Head of Business Development

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